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johnny(8)                   Johnny Martin Man Page                   johnny(8)

       johnny -- a passionate operator

       johnny  [--admin systems|database] [--security] [--developer] [--cloud]

       Im an infrastructure engineer.  I love discovering how a  system  works
       and  how to make it better.  My book contains linux and database admin-
       istration, system architecture, automation, and mentoring.   Technology
       inspires  me, the everyday person isnt necessarily educated on technol-
       ogy, I like to help build that bridge so that they  can  also  benefit.
       Ive worked between departments with both large and small teams.

       While  my  primary  focus has been operations, I thorough enjoy writing
       programs.  Simple scripts to ease a tedious task to more complex appli-
       cations  like  log  aggregation and metric reporting.  At home I tinker
       with different technologies.  Right now Im trying to contribute more to
       the open source projects that I use daily.

       --admin systems

              Extensive  experience  with  the  configuration,  hardening, and
              maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:

              * CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora

              * Ubuntu, Debian

              * Raspberry

              I find comfort  working  within  the  command-line  and  playing
              inside  of a system.  Ive worked on environment optimization for
              enterprise users, hardening for security and compliance,  inves-
              tigating  security  breaches,  and deploying custom environments
              for multiple stages.  I love learning about new technologies and
              Im always looking to improve the way I do something.

              Experienced  in  CI/CD  pipelines from testing on travisci, git-
              labci, and circleci,  to  deploying  with  cloud-init,  Ansible,
              Salt, and Chef.

              Strong  background  in  architecting  environments  and  deploy-
              ing/managing individual services, load balancers, web  services,
              databases,  cloud  services, and automation.  I attempt to apply
              best practices and standards to the work Im doing, in  order  to
              help maintain sanity.

       --admin database

              * MySQL, MariaDB

              * PostgreSQL

              Experience  with  deploying  and optimizing configurations self-
              managed MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, along  with  familiarity
              optimizing  SQL  Schemas.   Experience in practice and theory on
              Replication for high-availability and failover.


              * HiTRUST

              * HIPAA

              * FedRAMP

              * PCI

              Ive worked with companies and customers who required  compliance
              with  HiTRUST,  FedRAMP,  and  HIPAA.   Each  set  of compliance
              requires different levels of security, but all of  them  require
              full  stack  configuration.  Ive hardened environments manually,
              and through preferred methods like Ansible playbooks for consis-
              tency and scalability.


              * Python, PHP, Lua, Javascript, Java, Ruby, ReactJS

              * Bash, Powershell

              * HTML, CSS, Bootstrapper


              * AWS, Rackspace

       * Skier

       * EMT/Paramedic

       * Tinker

       * Dog Owner

       * Opinionated

       * Passionate

       * Perfectionist

       * E-mail: johnny at iamjohnnym dot com

       * LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamjohnnym/

       * Github: https://github.com/iamjohnnym/

       * Blog: https://iamjohnnym.com/

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