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I am Johnny, Hello! I’m still trying to discover my role within technology. It’s an ever changing landscape that requires you to be nimble enough to jump across the ever expanding chasms. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges it provides while also being able to tickle that creative itch. Sometimes I have the urge to throw my machine out of the window.

I find solace in the bathroom when a problem truly stumps me. The peace tends to let the answers come to light.

I’ve been in technology since I was barely walking. My dad was a punchcard enthusiast for some big entities while my mom built computers in a homegrown business, she later took on a web hosting business during the dotcom era. I helped her out and thats where I began my journey, actionscript, angelfire, and that silliness. However, I didn’t embrace my inner nerd, outside of video games, until later in life. I wish I had really embraced it sooner.

I ski, game, enjoy some delicious Ciders, and fancy myself a wine connoisseur that doesn’t descriminate. Also food. Yum.


Blogging is hard. Finding the time and putting in the effort is far more difficult than I had intented. Given that I use quite a bit of blogs for answers to obscure questions, I too, would like to be part of that hub. Let’s see.


I’ll write about common practices, programming things, operations, developing, TIL’s, basically, just whatever’s on my mind or I think someone could benefit from the info.


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